Day 4, Day 2 walking Grado to Bodenaya 30.7 km May 21, 2022

Last night in the albergue there was the world championships of snoring. Crazy enough even though I snore I did not come anywhere close to the podium.  My walking friend Ramon is not crowned the world champion but others in the room certainly did their best to unseat him.  I have never herd so many different annoying sounds come out of one person.  Needless to say it was not a restful night.  That being said I was not deterred from my 30 km day.

Since shockingly I was up early was out on the Camino by 7:15 AM this morning.  The weather here has been perfect so far.  Overcast but temperate.  My friend warned me that 30 km on the Primitivo is not the same as other Camino’s.  Of course I said we will see.  Well he was correct.  The primitivo is up and down.  Today started up and up and up and then down then back up and then along the river.  The last town before the final stage is Salas.  From Salas I had 7.6 km which I had been warned was up hill.  It was literally all up hill until the very end.  I am staying in a donativo albergue in Bodenaya which is run by David and Celia.  There are 11 beds and everything is donativo.  Everyone has told me this is one of the best experiences on the Camino primitivo.  I can see why.  

Today I walked 19.7 miles. Over 40,000 steps

It was a good day.

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