First and most importantly I am a dedicated family man and devout Catholic. I have been happily married to the same beautiful (inside and out) woman for over 30 years we have four sons. I co-founded a business which we were fortunate enough to sell in 2006. Since then I have had the luxury of being able to come and go as I pleased, trying my best to keep busy and stay out of trouble. A big job to say the least.

I love all things wine and food. Especially discovering specific wines and foods that are representative of the region or area that I am traveling in. I am a Certified Wine Specialist through the Society of Wine Educators.

I am an avid traveler and addicted to walking the Camino De Santiago. It has become a passion. My goal is to explore Spain by walking along the different routes that all lead to Santiago de Compostela, the burial place of the Apostle James.

I am passionate about learning Spanish.

I am a work in progress, full of flaws but with a good heart and a desire to learn and improve.

This blog is about my adventures. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy living it.