Acebo to Cacabelos

I choose to walk a long one again today. The steep mountain climb to O’cebrero staring me in the face over the next two days was good motivation. So I walked 32.6k today.

Walking out of Acerbo this morning. I had about 16k down hill to get to Pontafreda.

The last Templars castle.

The wine I am drinking tonight. Mencia(menthia) which is the grape.

My daily stork picture.

Spain is such an amazing place. Today as I am walking along the path I come across a shady spot with a bunch of pilgrims siting in plastic chairs. There is this guy who has set up a stand making fresh fruit drinks. We are in the middle of nowhere and all he is asking is a donation. The drinks are delicious and the guy is hilarious even through he only knows a few words off my languages. So cool.

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