April 11, 2016

I am actually starting the countdown to beginning the walking portion of my Camino. Just 5 days until I set out for Oviedo to meet Paul from Canada and to have dinner with Ramon from the Via de la Plata. While I am having a great time here volunteering, I am really looking forward to being a pilgrim again.

Today was very interesting. We have three Korean men in the house. One is totally blind. It is totally amazing that these three are so close that they help each other to experience the Camino. Other than that our group tonight was amazingly diversified. From Brazil, Canada, France, Holland, Germany, a Catholic Priest from the UK, Spain, America, Ireland, Italy…

Tonight was a night when everyone wanted to cook. We had several sifts of pilgrims in the kitchen cooking big meals for their groups. Mostly pasta, of course the Italians cooked killer pasta, one with meat sauce and one with tuna. Amazing. A guy from France made pasta with curry. Also good. There was a bit of wine drunk at last check 12 bottles with I am sure more open.

One of the owners of a local restaurant came by the albergue this morning to ask why we have not been in for dinner. We told her we would be there tonight. So for the first time since we took over as the Hospitaleros we actually went out to dinner. It was delicious. As always a pilgrims meal so a first course, second course, and desert with a bottle of wine for 10 Eur. Crazy thing is we could eat there every day for free if we would just go. We just don’t want to take advantage. We do send tons of pilgrims there because it is one of the best restaurants around.

Chow for now

Location:Plaza de Santiago,Nájera,Spain

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  1. Hi Andy
    Have never scrolled down this far before to notice I can comment on your blog.
    It`s great to see how your days are panning out, and to somehow share in your experience. It is a beautiful town, set off by the river and stone bridge crossing it. Ash and I thought it was a Godsend when we staggered into it nearly two years ago.I`m sure it is a great thrill to be able to actually walk the town with some time to spare, and see what makes it tick. Sounds like you and Maria have been having a great time as you meet the needs of the pilgrims, but then again, they also meet much of your own as they share their presence, humour and nationality with you both. The food and touristy things you are doing sound delightful.I have not seen any mention of Australian pilgrims as yet. Where are we? Keep up the good work my friend, and I am looking forward to your coming trek. Cheers Mike

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