April 14, 2016

Well this chapter of my Camino is winding down. Today is the second to the last day of my service as a Hospitalero. I know that I have said it many times but I really need to say again how much fun it has been to be of service to pilgrims and to work with Maria Jose.

I have spend my days with Maria speaking exclusively Spanish. Although I have a very long way to go and Maria is very patient I feel like I am improving in a small way each day.

We had a very interesting mix of pilgrims in the house today. The first one that sticks is a German guy named Mario. He claims to be a chef and has mad knife skills so… He joined us for lunch. He wanted to cook. Maria really did not like that one bit. She is an awesome cook and makes very traditional Spanish foods which I absolutely adore. Mario wanted to cook things his way. Not good… It did taste just great though.

We had what I would call the Arcata crowd today. Arcata is my hometown and a very hippy town. A bunch of young people lots of tattoos, and piercings. Nice kids and fun to talk too very free spirited.

The chef made a crazy spicy Indian dish for dinner. Maria and I went out to dinner instead but I heard it got good reviews. Unfortunately the kitchen was left in a shambles but hey it is the last time I will clean it so what the heck.

I am beginning to think about packing for my walk. Tomorrow I will wash all of my clothes and pack to be ready to walk on Saturday.

Cheers for now.

Location:Plaza de Santiago,Nájera,Spain

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  1. I was thinking about how you threw your laundry bag on the floor for all of us to put our dirty clothes in to have the host was them. Did YOU do that for the pilgrims??? We have loved experiencing this from afar. Thank you, Andy. Glad you’re going to get to walk now. Guess we’ll see each other on Facebook. We leave for SJPP next Wednesday. See you soon!

  2. Hola Andres.. me alegra saber que sigues camino y aunque con algunas dificultades por el tiempo todo va bien. disfruta mucho y guárdalo en tu memoria para todo el año. un abrazo Maria

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