April 17, 2016

Before I talk about today I need to finish the story of last night.

So my trains worked out great, Train from Burgos to Leon and a quick nap and then change of trains in Leon to Oviedo. No problem I arrived at around 10:50pm. I grabbed a taxi because there is no way I would have found the place at night. The taxi drops me off in front of the hostel and it is locked. I start ringing the bell to get in but no answer, and there is a sign on the bell saying that the Hostel is full and no one is around to answer. I am slightly panicked at this point it is 11pm I cannot get into the building and have no where to sleep. I start hitting buttons trying to get someone to let me in. Finally, I here the buzzer on the door and I am in. I think finally things are working out. I head upstairs to another locked door. I ring the bell and now answer. I think great I am sleeping here on the cold floor in the hall. So I sit down and try to sleep. Not much luck there. Finally at 3:15 the manager shows up and I beg to get in. He wants to know why I don’t have a key. I explain in Spanish that I don’t have a key because I have not been able to check in and show him my app that says I have a reservation through booking.com. He finally opens the door and let’s me in only to continue to interrogate me. I finally get him to understand that Paul is in my room and that I should be there too sleeping. He goes down the hall and wakes Paul up I get into the room tell him thank you and go to bed.

Today I was up by 8:30 and we were off to catch a train to Gijion. From there we walked 25k to Avilés. It was a very long walk as I am not used to waking right now. One big hill and the rest was nice. It is a very industrial area with lots of steel mills and manufacturing facilities.

Tonight we grabbed a quick bit and did our laundry and now at 8:30 I am off to bed.


Location:Calle de Gutiérrez Herrero,Aviles,Spain

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  1. What a day! You surely cover a lot of miles in different stages. Glad you’re together. Is Paul the guy you met & walked with last year that you liked so much & said was such a strong hiker?

    Just did my last training walk with backpack & boots. Will rest next 2 days before leaving for Paris, Biarritz & SJPP Wednesday morning. Can’t wait to start walking, if only for a short 7 days. I’ll take it!

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