April 18, 2016

First of all and most importantly I want to wish a very Happy Birthday and safe travels to Dana. Buen Camino and see you soon.

Today we walked from Avilés to El Pito. About 18 miles. We are staying at a very nice albergue with only 8 beds. The great news is that so far at 5pm local time Paul and I are the only two pilgrims here. It is a bit pricy at 15 euros but wow what a place. The show alone is worth 15 euros.

The walk today was mostly in Eucalyptus forests along logging roads. While beautiful there are many ups and downs and a lot of water and mud. We moved a bit slowly as we needed to navigate the mud on the trail. It is a bit treacherous going down these paths in mud but we made it ok. We are very near the sea and every now and then get a glimpse of the ocean. We were very fortunate to day to have a beautiful day for waking. Some sun and some clouds, not too hot either.

So far I would say that this is a bit tougher then the French route and about the same as the VLDP. It is really beautiful country and of course the Spanish people are so friendly. This morning we stopped in a bar and ordered two Café con leches the lady brings our drinks and then a few minutes later brings us each a glass of apple juice and hot churros. The bill was 2.40 euros. The people in be bar were very friendly and we struck up a conversation with a few of them. Apparently from 1930 to 1960 there was a factory in Virginia that made something for this town.


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  1. How very kind of you my friend, to begin today’s entry with birthday & Camino wishes. Your today’s walk sounded a little more typical of a Camino day.
    Interesting how this Camino is different. I remember back in my first ’04 Camino walking through 5 inches of red mud. I hoped I wouldn’t fall & knew my family would laugh at my predicament. Good memories! Hope you have no blisters.

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