April 19, 2016

Well the only way to describe today was a total ass kicker. We walked from El Pito which is a beautiful little pueblo that was founded by a very wealthy family to Villademouros. I have 50,902 steps on my fit bit and just over 24 miles.

The terrain starting out this morning was up steep muddy hills and then down steep muddy hills. This continued in the rain for about 3.5 hours. We started the morning with no breakfast nor coffee. It was a little ugly I must admit and finally at 11:30 we found a place to stop and have a big glass of fresh orange juice, coffee con leche and a Bocadillo.

As we left town after brunch a couple of older gentleman smiled and said for all intents and purposes up the mountains you go. That is exactly what we did. We climbed up another mountain and then were able to walk along the road for a bit until we headed back down again. My motto in Spain is what goes down must go up again.

On the bright side we are close to the ocean most of the time and some of the views are beautiful. We are staying at a little albergue with only 2 rooms and 3 beds. It is really nice. It is just Paul and I are here with a really nice German couple. Since it is raining the albergue supplied us with 6 eggs, 2 cans of tuna, pasta sauce and pasta. We made spaghetti with tuna tomato sauce and hard boiled eggs. An interesting dinner to say the least but tasty nun the less. We had a great conversation around dinner talking about history, as Paul was a history teacher and Manfred seems to also be a history buff. Really interesting to hear all of the stories. Fortunately we were able to wash our clothes as there is mud everywhere.

Tomorrow is a short day. Only 15k maybe. I know that the rest will do me good but we will see. The next day is another 30k day so it might be smart for us to get a head start on that leg by walking a few more k’s tomorrow. It is going to be raining so…

Cheers for now.


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  1. Hey Andy … I don’t know why I didn’t realize this .. but you are on the Norte!!! We are planning on doing the Norte (just 6 or so days of it) in October with 3 of my four kids!! (all 20 somethings…). They can’t take more than 2 weeks off… and they are flying in from the West and East Coast. I think we are going to start in Vilalba.. and walk from there. So I am very interested in what you think – and any tips that you might have for us. A little curious about finding housing for 5 people in a group. Rock on my friend!!

  2. oh my, oh my, oh my…THAT’S a lot of miles, boys!!!!!!! how are your feet? Bet you were tired. And the RAIN… 3 1/2 hours of it? What a day. I assume that Paul is leading the way as far as the distances. Hope you stay ok, with no blisters.

    We fly out in the morning…yahoo!

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