April 2, 2016

First day as an official Hospitalero was really great. We only had 11 pilgrims in the house but they were great. We had 2 Americans from New Mexico, 6 Koreans, 1 Canadian and 2 Spaniards.

The albergue was alive and everyone was pretty happy. The Koreans were in the kitchen cooking up a feast, us Hospitaleros made dinner and the Spaniards did the same. We all ended up sharing back and forth. There of course was vino tinto flowing and all were happy. It is really fun to have the opportunity to talk to so many pilgrims and be of service any way we can.

This morning everyone was up and ready to go but not before the Koreans cooked a big pot of soup for breakfast. There was rice, chicken, onions and tons of garlic. Very good stuff.

After everyone was gone we decided to drive over to Grañon for a visit to the Hospitalero training class that is going on this weekend. I got the opportunity to meet Anna the coordinator of all Hospitaleros for the Amigos de el Camino de Santiago. It was amazing. She gave me a special metal/symbol of the Hospitalero to ware, there were big hugs and welcome. While we were in town we had a coffee con leche and then when out to walk around a bit before returning to Nájera. As luck would have it I met a pilgrim from Napa and one from San Jose. They had come by our albergue when I was out to dinner. It was great to meet them in person.

All in all this is a great experience so far. Buen Camino for now.

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  1. Such a variety of experiences you are having. Interesting that what I thought might be cold weather is not deterring these pilgrims?? You’re having the opportunity to eat foods of other people’s…nice! Hope you’re getting caught up on your sleeping

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