April 3, 2016

Today was a great day. It was sunny day and there was no cleaning to do as the albergue has a cleaning person come in both weekend days.

We have 17 pilgrims tonight from Spain, Germany, Italy, USA and Canada.

The Americans came from Milwaukee, Phoenix and New York.

We decided to make a big pot of soup (soupa de ajo – Garlic soup) and a big pot of pasta with chorizo and onion sauce. We invited all of the pilgrims that were around and filled a table of about 12 pilgrims. We all ate, drank wine and talked and laughed. On guy from Jaen in souther Spain talked so fast he was talking at supersonic speed. At one point he managed to tell us that it was a fact that people who talked very fast were very intelligent. He was absolutely hilarious. His friend from near Santiago de Compostela has walked or biked the Camino 6 times. Late into the evening he was doing magic tricks that were really amazing.

We had two pilgrims so up about 8pm. When we invited them to sit down and have some dinner they were so happy. John from New York told me that he was so happy because he was starving but did not think he could even walk to the restaurant to eat. After dinner all of the pilgrims insisted on clean up and washing all of the dishes. It was really amazing.

All in all it was a great night. All of the pilgrims were happy and everyone had a great night.

Normally Hospitaleros go out to eat for most meals. My co-Hospitalero Maria-Jose is an awesome cook so we have been cooking every meal. I have only had one restaurant meal since I have been in town. It is pretty cool to eat real home cooked food.

Off to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. Unfortunately for our pilgrims it is going to rain. Even more challenging it is going to rain for the next week.

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