April 4, 2016

Today we only had 9 pilgrims. A small but interesting group. We had a lady from Dublin, Ireland, an evangelical Lutheran priest from Sweeden, A guy from Germany and 6 Spaniards.

The priest was a crack up. He spoke English but no Spanish and really refused to try. It made things a tad difficult for Maria but she kept a smile on her face the whole time. Then he surprised us by singing a bunch of songs in Swedish and English. It was pretty cool.

We had 2 former Hospitaleros in the house tonight. The cooked a delicious dinner for everyone that was interested in eating. We had Tortilla de Achofa which is Artichoke Omelet it was out of the world. He cooked fresh artichokes and them put them in an eggs to make a frittata. We had sopa de ajo again as well as salad, bred and wine.

This is really easy duty. We have the entire place spotless by 9:30 and then we are off to explore, have a coffee, do some shopping or whatever we need or want to do. Back to the albergue by 11:30 ish to begin lunch prep and then lunch by 1:00 or so. Lately we have been having pilgrims join us for lunch and dinner. It makes it really fun for everyone to enjoy a communal meal.

Today I found the wine store. Heaven is how I would describe it for a sick Wino such as myself. They have tons of really nice wines from La Rioja region starting at 3 Eur and going up. You can get some amazing wines for less than 10 Euro and there are many that would cost $100 or more in the states for less than 40 Eur here. The daughter of the owner is named Laura. It told her we would see a lot of each other over the next 10 days. She teaches English to the local children as well as tutoring them in other subjects. Very cool.

This is a great community. We have many residents stop by to check in and say hi.

Off to bed…

Location:Calle del Descampado,Nájera,Spain

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  1. Hey Andy – I am living vicariously through your postings while you are over there. In my heart – I think it would be great to be a hospitalero … maybe some day. I am glad that you are enjoying your time there and getting to learn the ins and outs of the pilgrimage…
    Have fun!!

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