April 5, 2016

Today was a very interesting day. After all of the pilgrims were gone and we had cleaned up the albergue I went out for a Coffee and then a nice walk. It was drizzling a bit but still not too bad.

When I returned I found JP Johnson from Sacramento waiting for me. He and his walking companion Sharon had taken the bus from Logroño to Nájera and were going to stay the night. That was pretty cool.

We had a very interesting group of pilgrims today. Other than JP and Sharon we had a lady that you would swear was Korean but was actually German, a girl from Bergen Norway which just happens to be where my business partners family comes from. She was super interesting. Spoke several languages. Swedish, Norwegian, English, and Spanish and probably more. We had 2 Italians from Piedmont and of course many super friendly Spaniards.

One of the Spaniards and his wife went out for a coffee and the next thing you know the man came running back in saying his wife had fallen and had broken her arm. Someone called 112 which is Spain’s version of 911. When the ambulance arrived this lady just got up and walked over and sat right down in it. They took her to Logroño where it was decided that she did in fact break her arm and would need surgery. Very sad. The local police came and collected their backpacks to take to Logroño for them. Very nice of them.

Jose Luis the big Boss came by tonight with his wife and another man Roberto they were very nice.

Maria and I have found that if you open your arms and welcome the pilgrims they are really amazing. We have not had any problems with anyone. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful so far.

Still having a great time and reliving the Camino everyday and loving it.

Location:Plaza de Santiago,Nájera,Spain

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