April 6, 2016

Another day in the life of a Hospitalero. We had 19 pilgrims today. 2 Italians, a father and daughter. They spoke no English and Italian Spanish. They were super nice and very animated and fun. We had 3 Koreans 2 of them were sisters that were both retired teachers. Very interesting to talk to. Koreans are a bit more shy but once you form a friendly relationship with them they open up a bit. I am really having fun talking to people from all over the world. We also had 3 people who spoke French two from Arls France and one from Quebec Canada. The people from France were a husband and wife that have been working on walking from Arls to Santiago for 3 years. They hope to complete the journey this year. The guy from Canada was super interesting. He is a younger guy that according to him is working on a two year plan of rediscovering himself and figuring this out. He told me that this was his last real test as he needed to face his fears and the Camino was exceeding his expectations. Not bad for only 8 days into the journey.

We had two American students from Evergreen college in Washington state. Very interesting they are walking the Camino for class credit. They spent the first semester studying the Camino in the class room and now they are experiencing it in real life. All they have to do is check in each day other than that they are on their own.

We had a group of young guys from England and Ireland.

We had a guy from Chile and Ecuador who was really interesting. A total vegan who lives and works in monasteries. He was very quite and calm.

Tonight a French guy showed up with his guitar and an iPad full of tons of songs in many languages. He sat and played songs and got people to sing in their own language. Fun, although no singing for me. The young guy Tom from England sung beautifully. I asked if his last name was Jones. He said no but I am 25% Welsh. One of the Irish guys also sung really beautifully. Later he told me that he sings in bars on weekends for a little extra money.

My co-Hospitalero Maria and I have been really enjoying the pilgrims as they come though and from what they tell us they are really enjoying staying here.

Location:Plaza de Santiago,Nájera,Spain

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