April 9, 2016

Today is Saturday. What makes it special is that in this albergue we have a cleaning crew that comes in on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. So today Maria took me on an adventure. We went to the Monisterio de San Millán de la Cogolla. There are actually 2 monasteries located very close to each other. Yuso is the larger of the two which is the one we toured and Suso is the older and smaller of the two which is up the hill from Yuso. There have been monks at these monasteries since the 5th century. It is the birthplace of the Castilian language. When you tour Yuso you see original books written with a quill and olive oil with different plants to color the oil. They have Song books that weight over 100 lbs each. It was a very beautiful place.

After our excursion we made our way back to the albergue. We welcomed 64 pilgrims today. A record for the time we have been here. There were many students from Evergreen College in Olympia, WA they are walking the Camino for a college class. We have met several and apparently will meet several more. The biggest group was a group of young American missionaries who are training to go on an 11 country world tour to work as missionaries. They will work with missionaries in different countries helping do whatever is necessary. It was very interesting to see these kids who had no clue about the Camino and were only here for 5 or 6 days to kind of do a team building exercise. They were carrying day packs but had packs that were huge being transported to each stop.

Other than that we had a very diversified group of pilgrims even one from Japan that was a Yoga master and a pilgrim from mainland China. I love the melting pot that is the Camino.

Location:Plaza de Santiago,Nájera,Spain

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