Ayegui to Torres del Rio

Today was my first long day. The normal stage is to walk from Estella to Los Arcos, but I like to stay at the municipal albergue in Ayegui, which is about 2 km past Estella. I first stayed there in 2013 and it is not fancy but run by the town. Yesterday I mentioned that the hospitalero’s brother in law had just brought a big basket of mushrooms when I arrived. Well I had lunch in the albergue and as a gift to me he brought me a huge plate of mushrooms and scrambled eggs. Normally I would have balked but I ate every bite and they were delicious.

Torres del Rio is about 28 km from Ayegui. It is a walk that I have made each time. 20 km to Los Arcos is too short so I go forward. I am still walking about 5 km per hour including stops so if I don’t walk a little extra I have too much time in each town.

I stayed at the albergue San Andrés in Torres del Rio. It was hopping but the town is dying. The little store that used to be there is closed and so are most of the restaurants. It was fun to meet all of the pilgrims thought so I enjoyed my day. Tomorrow is a short walk to Logroño.

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