Ayegui to Torres del Rio

Today started out early as usual. There were only three of us in the albergue so that made it very nice. The two other people were two friends from Zaragoza, Antonio and Santiago. Shockingly we got along great. I met them last night in Puente La Reina.

The walk today is short, but I always choose to extend it 8km to torres Del Río.

First stop is Irache for the Wine Fountain which of course was open but no wine was flowing at 8am.

The normal end of the stage is Los Arcos but I usually, just stop for a bocadillo and continue on.

Torres Del Río has changed and in my opinion for the worst. I felt like they were totally trying to take advantage of the pilgrims. To was clothes it was 5 Euros each to wash and dry. No was was I paying that so I waited until tomorrow. A beer was 1.50 and dinner was 14 Eur.

On the bright side the pilgrim community was awesome. We had fun and laughed a bunch. There are only four in our room tonight including Jon from France, me and Antonio and Santiago.

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