Boadilla de Camino to Carrion de Los Condes

Started my walk this morning about 6:45. Still not fully light but the sun was beginning to rise on the horizon. I have mostly been walking in and through farming communities. It is spring so the fields are all green. I can see how walking in the summer and fall might be tedious as the fields would be brown.

This last week the weather has been just amazing. It has been in the 70’s and beautiful blue sky.

Today I am staying at a convent. Espiritu Santos. The nuns are very nice and the city is beautiful.

I did some shopping today for Tomorrow. There is nothing for the first 18k. Should be an interesting morning. I am walking at about 5.8k per hour or about 3.5 miles per hour which is about my normal pace.

There seems to be many crosses along the way.

Passing a little town with a huge church. If you want to find the center of town just look for the church.

Coming down the hill to my next stop.

Now for the piece de resistance!

I assure you the pictures do not do this masterpiece justice. What you see before you as a full loaf of scrumptious fresh Spanish bread lightly spread with olive oil layered with freshly sliced iberico ham and then these amazing peppers that taste amazingly simmilar to peproncini’s. it’s called a Bocadillo. Every bar sells them but of course mine are better.

I got to this stop at 12:30 today so it’s a nice rest day.

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