Burgos to Hontanas March 23 2019

I stayed in the municipal albergue in Burgos. It is big but very nice. The beds are kind of in pods of 4 with multiple floors of beds. We were able to do our wash and even dry it which was a treat.

We did not arrive in Burgos until after 4pm so when we checked in we sprinted to get our beds and take a desperately needed shower before doing our wash.

While we were doing our wash we met a couple from Sisters Oregon. Steven has walked the Camino many times as well as served as a hospitalero in Ponferada and as a volunteer in the pilgrims office. Kathy his partner is a first time pilgrim. Ed and I greed to have dinner with them. It was the weirdest dinner. First we went to an Italian place that was outrageously expensive and then there was the company, both Steven and Kathy seem very nice but turned out to be a little off. We got through dinner as best as possible and went to bed.

Walking from Burgos to Hontanas is kind of a slog. It was beautiful, sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Walking out of Burgos is now really easy. All of the construction is mostly done so the way is really well set. The first stop is about 9km and then another 11km to Hornillos del Camino. Many people stope in Hornillos but I have always gone on. The climbs are long and can be steep. The Meseta is NOT FLAT! Today was all about ups and downs. When we finally reached Hontanas we stayed en El Puntido albergue. I stayed here in 2013. It was really nice. The food was great. It filled with people, so the opportunity to meet and talk with different people was great.

Tomorrow we will walk to Boadilla del Camino. 29km

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