Cacabelos to Vega del Valcare

Today is dedicated to my good friend Paul Baldwin. Last year he and I had an epic time in Vega del Valcare. Including but not limited to Paul getting a back rub from the ladies at the bar while we were having a beer and writing in our journals. Paul if you read this the ladies say hi. It was really cool to walk in and have them recognize me.
 Today we walked from Cacabelos to Vega del Valcare. Strangely enough it was an easy 28.5k day. We arrived just about 1pm which is really nice. We can get cleaned up, wash our clothes have lunch and then just relax until dinner. The end is really near. We will arrive in Santiago on Friday May 23rd. Tomorrow is the last big climb. O’Cebrerro is about 11k straight up. Should take 3 or 4 hours to make it to the top then we will walk along the ridge line for the rest of the day. Tough walking is rewarded by beautiful views.



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Location:Calle del Carqueixeda,Vega de Valcarce,Spain

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