Camino De Santiago 2014

Today I revamped my website in preparation for walking the Camino Frances again in 2014. I am very excited to be going back. I know that there are many routes which I could travel to Santiago de Campostela but I am called back to the same route as last year. I hope to walk slower, take the long way and a detour or two along the way. Last year I had such and amazing journey but it seemed to go by so fast. In just a blink of an eye the journey was complete and I was on my way back to the real world. As it seems it is with so many pilgrims, I long for the simplicity of the Camino. The outside world simply does not exist. It is just you and your thoughts, walking along and working it out. From the physical exertion of walking 16 miles a day, to the mental stimulation of the beautiful countryside, and the spiritual aspect of the destination. Life is simple on the Camino. You need food, a place to sleep and the strength to complete your walk each day. It is about taking care of yourself and focusing on not just the physical aspects but also the mental ones as well. I met so many amazing people on the Camino that I cannot wait to get back and have that experience again. While I don’t expect that this Camino will be the same, I hope to be wide open to all it has to offer.

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