Camino Portuguese the 9th and final day.

Today I completed the Camino Portuguese. It was the most epic day ever. I traveled over 58km which is a record distance for me. Now before you say no way, let me tell you that the day started with a 31 Km boat ride from Villanova de Aurosa where I stayed last night to Padrón which is were I walked it Santiago de Compostela from.

The boat ride was simply unbelievable. We started at 7 am which is about an hour before the sun comes up in Spain. So we were headed North East and watched the sun come up over the mountains as we traveled along first the bay / estuary and then up the Ulla river. The Ulla river is said to be the route that the remains of St James traveled to get to Santiago. There is a series of 12 stone crosses along the banks of the river to commemorate his travel.

Once we arrived in Padrón, we’ll actually 2km south of Padrón we walked into the city. I wanted to get a special certificate called the Padrona to do so I needed a stamp from the Cathedral. It did not open until 10 so I waited. Now this is totally out of character for me as I am usually one to pass and go. It had to fight the urge to go but I did stay and got my Padrona.

The last part was the walking part. it was almost 26km from Padrón to Santiago. I just put my head down and walked. I expected to arrive at 4 and actually made it by 3:30 which was fantastic. To make it even better my friends were waiting for me with a beer. WIN! I walked down and got my Compostela and had it inscribed Vicari Pro for Dawn Mahoney Byers which is a way off saying that I walked this Camino for her as she could not do it herself. I will go to Mass at 7:30 tonight for payers.

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