Camino Portuguese

Today I traveled to Porto Portugal to begin the Camino Portuguese. There are three different route options for the Portuguese. The Central is the most popular currently, the Costal route is gaining in popularity as many want to walk along the coast as far as possible and finally there is the Braga route which is inland and from what I know not very popular at this time.

I will be walking a combination of the Coastal route and the Central route. On my first day of walking which is Tuesday, September 5th I will walk what is called the Senda Litoral from Porto along the Duro river and then up the coast to Vila do Conde. From there I will move over to the central route for the balance of my walk. One other change is that I am going to walk what is called the Spiritual variant, which goes out to the coast and then you take a boat back in to continue the walk.

Today is Sunday, September 3rd. I will stay in Porto tonight and tomorrow night to hopefully adjust to the time change and to do a little sight seeing as well. I cannot post pictures here any more for some reason so I am using findingpenguins.com/vinsman to post pictures and my story.

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