Camino Primitivo Day 2 May 19, 2022

Camino Primitivo Day 2, An aclamación day in Oviedo.

After a long travel day yesterday I slept great last night and woke up fully rested this morning.  As I looked out my hotel window at the day beginning I could not help but wish that I was starting my walk today.  

I had made arrangements to meet my friend Ramon who lives here in Oviedo this morning in the hotel lobby at 10 am.  I was up at 630 so I had some coffee and then showered and went out for a walk, hey what else would I do but go for a walk.  I was able to walk all around the city. Nothing was really open but I had a very nice walk.  

I headed back to the hotel and met up with Ramon.  It is really cool that as you walk the Camino you meet people that become life long friends.  Ramon and I met in 2015 on the Camino Via de la Plata and walked together for about two weeks before I returned home.  Two weeks in camino time is a pretty good amount as you are really spending 24 hrs a day together.  

We walked all around and he showed me all of the sights of Oviedo.  It was really great to have someone who is a local to show me around.  Ramon and I are going to walk together for the next few days until he needs to be home for business.  It will be nice to walk together again.  

As it turned out my friend Dale from Seattle, whom I met on my first Camino was also in Oviedo for the day before continuing on the Norte.  We made plans to have lunch together.  So Ramon and Dale and me had lunch Spanish style.  We ate the local specialty Cachopo which is a beefsteak pounded, then layered with hame and cheese and then another beefsteak pounded out on top, it is then breaded and deep fried.  I have no idea how the spanish people live the second longes of any in the world after this experience but they do.  Oh and to top it off we had fried milk which is like a custard that is fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar in a cream angles, totally decadent.  2 hours later after an amazing meal off we went.  I got my stamp at the cathedral, stopped at the grocery store for some snacks and of course galletas, which are like graham crackers and are eaten for breakfast and dipped in your coffee.  

Tomorrow I walk, if I can after that lunch I ate.  16 miles should help.  

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