Camino thoughts

As I near completion of my Camino, I have been reflecting on the experience.

First, the people in Spain are so nice. No matter where I have been they have been gracious and helpful. Even when I was stumbling to find a word or not finding a word at all. Today I stopped at a cafe for a coffee and the lady gives me my coffee and a piece of Lemmon cake just because. It was so nice.

Right now in Spain there is crazy unemployment. It is really interesting to see how some people have turned lemons into lemon aid. In the last few days I have come across random stands in the middle of nowhere. A few days ago the man had all kinds of breakfast foods, all he asked was a donation, in Spain it’s called Donativo. Yesterday it was a fresh juice bar. Same thing donativo.

I have now walked over 500k through northern Spain. It is really a beautiful country. Mostly rural, farming and ranching communities.

The Camino has been here for hundreds of years. It is an industry un into itself. In most every town or village there are bars, albergues, restaurants, and tiendas that are in existence it seems because of the pilgrims. What an amazing thing for a family to be able to live in a small rural village and be able to support itself.

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