Carrion de los Condes to Moratinos March 26 2019

Last night we stayed at Espíritu Santu. As a creature of habit I stayed were i have stayed before. I learned a lesson. My Camino friend Marion from Slovakia stayed at Santa Maria the Agustinian convent. He had such a great experience that I wished I had been more open and joined them. Lesson learned.

Our walk today was about 30km. The first 17km was straight through. There were no services available. It was very windy so we walked kind of sideways and forward. None the less we just plowed through. After a nice stop we finished the day by walking to Moratinos. Normally I would stay at casa Bruno. An Italian Albergue, but it is still closed until April 1st. Happily we stayed at a place called Peaceable Kingdom which is a hidden Albergue owned by Rebekah Scott and Paddy O’Gara. Rebekah is American and very active in doing things that supports the Camino. Me and Ed and Marion had an awesome time. A great dinner and great shower. It’s a donativo albergue so that’s really cool.

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