Carrión de Los Condes to Moratinos

This morning came early. All the guys in my room were stirring by 5 ish. Today the walk started with a 17k stretch with no services. Walked with Bill and Sue from Grass Valley, CA and Colette from France for the first half and Sean from New Zealand for the rest. So great to meet and talk to so many interesting people on the way.

Last night was one of the most amazing masses that I have gone to in Spain. After the mass the priest called all of the pilgrims forward. He asked each of us to introduce ourselves and say what country we were from.
 He then asks each of us to come forward, he layer his hands on us and blessed each of us. The sisters of the Agustin order were there to sing for us and they gave us each a paper star as a symbol of the light of the camino. It was really amazing.

Feel the pounds starting to melt away. The camino diet is amazing. You give me 34 days, eat whatever you want when ever you want but walk the full stage each day carrying your pack and I guarantee you will loose weight.

Location:Calle de Ontanón,Moratinos,Spain

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  1. Really enjoy your blog…..however, you are missed.
    Congratulations Grandpa Andy! A little girl for you to Love…… and you think the Camino is life changing….just wait til you hold your Grand Daughter for the first time.Love You Andrew

  2. The first thought I had when I saw tyou pic prior to the final caption was how trim you were looking…keep it up! When you return to Sacramento; figure out a bigger exercise plan beyond your morning walk with Millie…..

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