Choosing what equipment to use and take

What I have learned about equipment is that it is all about personal preference. Each pilgrim needs to decide what foot ware they will use, backpack they will carry and what hydration method they will use. It’s all personal but you must own it once you decide.

As a general guideline it is widely accepted that you should try to carry no more than 10% of your body weight. That is easier for me as my weight is up there, but will be a challenge for many.

Footwear is a major decision. There are many choices, boots, shoes, or even hiking sandals. After trying several pairs of boots I settled on Lowa Renegade GTX mid boots. They just felt right and work for me. I will also bring Ecco walking sandals as my second pair of shoes.

As far as packs go I went to REI and got fitted. They were super helpful. In the end though I choose a golite pack that is 50ltrs but only weighs 1lb 14oz saving almost 2lbs over most other packs that I looked at or tried. I loved the Osprey packs but wanted less weight.

For hydration I started with a 3ltr bladder system. For me I decided that it was simply to hard to get the water I wanted out of the tube system. So I now use two 36oz water bottled one in each pouch on the side of my pack. I am able to access them without taking my pack off. This is something you want to check out.

After spending the last six months training with my full pack, waring my boots I am happy with my choices for now.

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