Day 1 on the VLDP Sevilla to Guillena

Well after a terrible nights sleep I was finally able to get started on my Camino. The walk out of Sevilla is easy once you get your bearings. Most of the guidebooks tell you that after the Isabel II bridge you will see a sign that says rio rio. That is not the case. You need to follow the yellow arrows and cross the river before you see the rio rio. Once you to cross the bridge over the river you can take the path to the right and follow the arrows.

Todays walk was beautiful but very muddy in the beginning. It was so muddy that the tips of my trekking poles got sucked off.

The trail ends in Santiponce which is a very nice city. Near Santiponce is the ruins of Italica. I actually took the time to walk through the ruins. it was interesting to see the ruins of this very important ancient roman town. Two roman emperors were born there. Trajan and Hadrian. The balance of the walk was mostly on farm roads. 23k seemed like a long walk today as it was the first day. By next week I will be thinking that I cannot plan on such a short walk. I am staying at a private albergue in Guillena called Luz del camino. Pilar the owner is very nice. for 12 Eur you get a room, hot shower and most importantly laundry service and breakfast.

Had a very nice lunch at a local bar. 6 euros pilgrim meal. Now that is a very cheap meal. It was really good. The salmorejo was awesome.

No back at the albergue and ready for that most important of all Spanish traditions a siesta!

Tomorrow is a nice short day only about 18k. Then we get serious with a 30k day for day three.

Cheers for now and Buen Camino.

ps. Dana stoping at Italica was this days version stopping to smell the Roses…

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Location:Calle de Federico García Lorca,Guillena,Spain

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