Day 10 and day 8 on the Camino Primitivo.  Castroverde to Lugo 22 km. May 27, 2022

Today started out as most other days, up at around 6 out of the albergue around 7 and off to find breakfast a quickly as possible.  Fortunately, in Castroverde there was a bar open so in we went for the traditional breakfast of tostada (toast with butter and jam) and coffee con leche.  

This was an easy day and we knew it as we had walked an extra 8 km yesterday to allow us to get to Lugo earlier.  It was an easy walk with a bonus in that I got to meet a Camino legend by the name of Sylvia Nilsen. She is a 75 year old pilgrim, from South Africa who has walked more camino’s than almost anyone I have ever met.  It was so fun to walk along with her and talk about the Camino.  She has walked since 2002 and has walked in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.  She has covered them all.  Another very cool thing is that she knows my friend Kerri Daniels and has mentored her in working as a volunteer at San Anton and also knows Martha Lopez, although not personally she could tell me all about her and the fact that she walked from Canterberry.  Very cool.

One we got to Lugo I headed for my albergue, or actually casa rural.  I am staying in a room that has 3 beds but it is only me.  So that is a win.  My friends Fernando and Hyun Soon went out for a delicous steak lunch at a restaurant called España and then walked to walls of the city ending at the Cathedral.  I think that Lugo is a beautiful city and really enjoyed the sights.  

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