Day 10 Madrid

June 3, 2017

Today I slept in.  I did not walk up until 8:45am which for me is pretty darn late.  Then I just layed in bed for a while and relaxed.  It was really nice.
About 11:00am I ventured out into Madrid.  Taking the Metro to the plaza del Sol and then just wandering.  I managed to find San Gines which is famous for Chocolate and Churros.  In a word Yum!  I just wandered without a real destination.  After about a bit I came upon plaza Santiago and the church of Santiago.  I went in and found that mass was in progress so I stayed and attended mass.  It was really nice.  After mass i wandered some more and did some very important shopping for my Granddaughter and future Grandson.  It is always fun to get a little something for them.  It is really the only souvenir that I need from my trip.
Today is the finals of the Champions league for Soccer.  Real Madrid and Juventus are playing in Wales.  The streets are crowded with Soccer fans and I know that tonight is going to be a big party in Madrid.  I have an 6:30am flight so no party for me.  Cannot wait to get home to see my family.
All in all another great Camino experience.  Hasta luego and Nos Vemos pronto Spain.

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