Day 10 on the Camino Primitivo.  A Seixa to Melide 14 km May 29, 2022

Today was a very short day, almost a rest day.  A little over 8 miles.  I left early about 6:45 and was in Melide by about 10.  

My camino friends and I went and had an early Pulpo lunch.  Pulpo is Octapus which has been boiled and then cut drizzled in olive oil and spicy paprika.  Many love it but to me it is just ok.  I had a few bites and a glass of Albariño.  While we were at the Pulpería I met another American pilgrim. Joyce from Denver.  She used to be the co coordinator for the Denver front range chapter.  She joined us for lunch and then we made plans to try to meet up in Santiago.

The real highlight of the day was meeting Kelli and Jeff who moved to Galicia from Seattle with stops in Valencia and Portugal.  Kelli has been writing a blog which I follow and read avidly.  It was really fun to meet them.

In my albergue I met this guy who asked if I spoke English.  I said yes I am from Sacramento, CA.  He smiled and said he was from Yuba City.  His name is John Larson.  After some further conversation he told me that after he retired he had gone on this thing called an LDS mission.  I’m like oh your a member, my business partner David Nielson is a member as well.  He is in the Auburn 3rd ward and an ordinance worker.  John says does he work on Tuesday mornings?  I said yes he does.  John says we work together, I know David.  It is such a small world.  

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