Day 2 Guillena to Castel Blanco de los Arroyos

So the biggest difference that I see between the Camino Frances and the VLDP so far is that there are no towns between stops. Today was a nice walk continuously headed slightly up hill. About 20k today. The only albergue in town is staffed by Hospitaleros Voluntarios. It is donative with only 28 beds. There is no food served or prayer service as in many, but it is still really nice. After arriving and doing the traditional steps of showering and washing clothes we set out to buy food for today and tomorrow. In Spain the grocery stores normally close at 2pm and reopen around 5pm except on Saturdays when they close for the day at 2pm and most of not all stores are closed on Sunday. So that mean that we needed to hustle down to buy what we needed.

Since tomorrow is a long day 30k or 18.6 miles we needed to make sure that we had food. There are no towns nor any water sources between here and our next stop. Castle Blanco is a nice town. It is up in the foothills surrounded by Olive trees, Orange Trees and fields of grain.

I am walking with a guy from Oviedo, Spain. Ramon is his name. He speaks English, French and Spanish of course. He has been very enjoyable to walk with and is a super friendly guy and very engaging.

Sorry for the lack of pictures I have been having a tough time getting them to upload. Either my phone is a problem or the wifi is a bit slow.

Cheers for now!

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