Day 2 Still traveling to my starting point

May 26, 2017
Made it to Ribadeo

No walking yet.  Today I traveled by bus from Oviedo to Ribadeo.  I managed to get the last bed in the albergue.  The Norte does not have large albergues this one only sleeps 12 and is everything you would expect from a nice little albergue.  Beds, showers, a small kitchen and a lounge.  As a luxury it even has WiFi.

 It is raining hard in Ribadeo today.  I was able to go to the super mercado to get some food and supplies before the rain started. But on the way back it was simply pouring down.  Ah, the life of a pilgrim.
Ribadeo is a nice town right on the Atlantic.  This is the last stop before turning inland.  Tomorrow I will walk 28k with a very good climb to start my day.
One of the things I love most about the Camino is all of the people from all over the world.  In the albergue we have Spaniards, French, Germans, Austrians, South Koreans and a token American…  On the bus ride down there were many pilgrims.  I sat next to a lady named Elkay from Austria.  She was on vacation and going to meet some friends to walk the last bit of the Norte with them.  She had walked the via francigena and now will walk part of the Norte.
The difference between the Norte and the French route are mainly the amount of pilgrims. Today I am in an albergue with 12 beds. It is full and the only albergue in town. There were about 5 or 6 other pilgrims that we’re looking for a bed. That’s not many. On the French there would have been 100 or more.
When I arrived it was cold and rainy.
The Albergue is located directly on the cliffs of the inlet to the Atlantic ocean.
The view from the albergue looking out to the ocean.
When the weather warms up and the sun comes out all of the pilgrims bring their clothes out to dry. You can see my neon yellow shoe laces next to my friend Iñaki.

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