Day 3 castle Blanco to Almaden de la playa

Today was a long day. We walked 30k which is 18.6 miles. We started out walking 16k on the road. You would think that the road is easier since it is a flat surface, but it is actually a bit of a challenge because that gravel and dirt are softer on your fees. After the road we walked through the Parque natural which kind of reminded me of an area that had been logged and reforsted. It was beautiful. The last few kilometers are the killer. After walking along cow trails you are left with a path that goes almost straight up. It was a little brutal but certainly fulfilling once it was completed. I am staying at a nice private albergue in town. I am sharing a room with just one other pilgrim.

The Camino is such an amazing melting pot of people from all over the work. My walking companion is from Spain. In our albergue with have people from Germany, France, Spain, and The Netherlands. It is like poetry to listen to all of the different languages being spoken. It is really cool that we can all communicate some way some how and actually have a nice conversation. Amazing how small the world really is.

We found a nice restaurant for lunch. Everything homemade (casero). Not really drinking a lot of wine on this Camino. Mostly beer. Which of course replenishes important nutrients in the body.

Tomorrow we have another long day. 34k to Monisterio. The good news is that we will go through a real town after about 15k It will be nice to be able to refill our water bottles and get a cafe con leche.

Got my first blister in two Camino’s today. It was very funny listening to so many people tell me how to treat it. Fortunately I have had that opportunity to go through training about how to handle them. I will spare you the gore details. Suffice it to say that there was a knife involved.

Sorry for the rambling. Cheers for now.

Location:Calle de las Granadinas,Almadén de la Plata,Spain

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