Day 3 my first day walking the Camino Primitivo – Oviedo to Grado May 20, 2022

My day started super early as jet lag is still not totally gone.  I woke up for the last time at 4 and just got out of bed.  Nothing wrong with being able to watch the sun come up.

The walk from Oviedo to Grado is about 26 km.  I walked today with my friend Ramon who has walked the primitivo many times.  The first several km are winding through town. Which could be tricky without a guide.  I have several apps that actually are very accurate at setting the path.  

Once out of town it was up into the hills and walking along farm roads.  It was not terribly difficult with some ups and downs. We had a reservation for lunch at Ramon’s favorite restaurant for Fabada so we slowed down a bit so that we did not arrive too early.  As it was we were about 90 minutes early but still were able to eat.  The Fabada was amazing.  Fabada is a bean stew with Morcilla (blood sausage) ham and chorizo.  Then for the second course they brought fried eggs, fried potatoes and ham.  I was very happy to have 6 km left to burn off all fo the food.

The last part of the day we walked along a river for about  5 km into Grado.  We are staying at a private albergue in Grado that Ramon wanted to stay at.  Honestly, it is not great I feel like a number and miss the municipal but that is for the next several night. 

Tomorrow I have 30 km to walk.  I am told it is a very hard day.  We will see.

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