Day 3 Ribadeo to Lourenzá

May 27, 2017

Today was my first day of walking the Camino.  My starting point was Ribadeo, which is the first stage in Galicia.  By all accounts today’s walk was a challenging one.  We spent most of our day either going up or down.  Many of the climbs were long and seemed never ending, Lol. The downhill is just as challenging as it can be steep and it just keeps on going down, down, down.  Total for the day was 30k or about 18.6 miles.  We started at 7:30 and finished at 1:30pm.  I was very fortunate to meet 3 guys about my age yesterday.  Iñaki is from the area around Bilbao, his walking partner is Jose and he is from San Sebastián. They met while walking the Via de la Plata a few years ago.  Giodo is from the area around Trentina Italy.  Last night in the albergue we sat around talking.  They asked me if my family was from Latin America because I spoke Spanish.  I explained, in Spanish, that after walking the Camino Frances in 2013 I promised myself that I would start learning Spanish.  They have not spoken a word to me in English only Spanish, and a bit of Italian which I don´t really understand.  So today I was able to walk with the three of them.  It worked out great.  They were not too fast, so I could keep up and yet were very relaxed.  it is great to walk in the Spanish countryside while talking to someone in Spanish.
Tonight we are staying in another municipal albergue in Lourenzá.  After volunteering as a hospitalero in a Municipal albergue, I really love staying in the Municipals.  It is stark in comparison to many private albergues but the people are really amazing.  Most of the Spaniards and many young people stay here.  We had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and stopped by the Super mercado to pickup supplies.  Tomorrow is Sunday so everything but restaurants will be closed.
Beautiful Churches along the walk out of Ribadeo this morning
We walked up hill most of the day in the fog.  It was cool moist and really beautiful.
More up hill
Lourenzá is a beautiful town.
Of course every town has a church. This on is quite beautiful. Too bad it was locked.

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