Day 4 Almaden de la Plata to Monesterio

Wow!!! what a day. Most of the pilgrims including me do 2 stages today. About 16k for the first stage takes you form Almaden de la Plata to Real de la Jara. This stage starts out up hill pass the bull ring and into the Parque Natural again. The Parque Natural is basically Oak studded hills that are really beautiful. Most if this stage is climbing. I have some beautiful pictures which I will post when I get home as for some reason I am not able to post them in my blog. Once we reached Real de la Jara we entered Extremadura which as the name implies is a bit extreme. More for heat in the summer than terrain. This is the home of the Pata Negra Black Pig. The source of the best Jámon in the world. The acorns are the food that lends the special flavor to the meat.

Stage 2 from Real de la Jara to Monesterio continued along farm roads past oak studded pastures full of Cows, Sheep and Goats for the first 12K and then up hill for the last 10k. This stage was beautiful as well but frankly in the end I was a bit exausted. This is the longest that I have walked and by far the most difficult. We started at 7:00am and did not finish until 4pm. We stopped for a coffee in Real de la Jara and lunch about halfway into the second stage but all and all a long day. The town of Monesterio is very pretty. We had a nice dinner with Deborah from NZ and Marion form Italy. We all had walked the same distance so we were all a bit tired.

Tomorrow is a short day, only 22k which is great after walking 30k, and 38k in two consecutive days. My feet are sore and I now have 3 blisters… Of course compared to Ashleigh last year that is noting.

The weather has been sunny for the past several days. The temperatures are in the mid to high 70’s and low 80’s which it is beautiful the heat is not my friend. Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy that will be great.

I am staying at the municipal hostal in Monisterio Albergue Las Moreras. It is very nice I would stay again.

Cheers for now

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  1. Wow – sounds like another incredible journey! How cool is that… that you get to do this again huh? Take care of those feet my friend… 🙂 Buen Camino…

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