Day 4 Lourenzá to Gonzán

May 28, 2017


Getting ready to hit the trail.

Today I did something that I have never done on any Camino.  I took a Taxi.
Our day started out as usual.  We were on the road by about 7am and walking at a good pace.  About 5k into our 24k walk we started to hear thunder and of course where there is thunder lighting is sure to follow.  We had walked about 8k when the lighting and thunder was booming down.  The rain was really pouring when we walked past the bus station.  We decided to go in and see if there was a bus coming anytime soon.  It was only 8:45 am and a Sunday so the next bus was not until 10:30.  We decided to take at taxi.  All 4 of us were a bit embarrassed but thunder and lighting are not something I am willing to risk.  Rain no problem, snow no problem but not thunder and lighting.
what would have taken us 3 hours to walk to about 15 minutes by taxi.  We ended up in Abadín.  A cute little town with a few restaurants and an albergue.  Our albergue was just shy of a kilometer away.  We walked over to it and were get into the albergue, take our showers and have our choice of beds.  After that we looked for the restaurant/bar that our taxi driver had recommended.  These towns are amazing.  for 9€ we had a delicious 3 course meal.  As a starter we had the specialty of the house which is a garbanzo bean and tripe stew. Now honestly, normally you could not convince me to eat tripe.  I had tried it years ago and the memory lingered…  But, the guys told me that it would be delicious so I gave it a shot.  It was really good.
By the time we finished our lunch and got back to the albergue was full.  There are two Americans today Carolyn and Dominick from Springfield Mass.  I had a chance to talk to them they have been traveling the world for the past year and are headed back to the US after finishing the Camino.
While we were talking about the different places we had traveled another pilgrim piped in and went on a rant about how we Americans were going to pay for all of the things that we had done around the world. It turns out she is from the former Yugoslavia and is upset will all of American for distorting her country and all other places that we have intervened.  She was upset abut Lydia, Iran, Iraq, and any other place she could come up with.  As us three Americans sat in stunned silence she finished her rant, apologized and left the room.  Talk about awkward!  Ah the randomness of the Camino.
Ok, so we were eating second breakfast and this pilgrim walks by the window.  I had the opportunity to see her many times along the way.  She actually walked the Camino with that huge weave of dreads.  Her eyes we painted completely black as well.  Hey, we all walk our own Camino.  She was a nice lady.
 The road makings along the way in this area.
Ok, so this restaurant in town is know for its excellent version of Callos.  This is garbanzo bean stew with pig tripe and other types of Offal.  Normally you could not convince me, but everyone ordered it and told me that it would be delicious.  So, I tried it.  It was in fact delicious.  I had seconds.

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