Day 5 Monisterio to Fuente de Cantos

Today should have been a very easy walk. Only 22k much of it down hill.

After such a challenging day yesterday and sleeping pretty bad last night today was a little rough.

I have been accused of snoring but have never woken myself up snoring so…. Last night we had a world champion snorer in our room. To make things worse his bed was next to mine. I have never in my life heard some of the sounds that came out of that man. Put that together with my body being very tense after a long walk and the result was not so good.

The landscape today was very nice. Green rolling hills with cows, sheep, goats and of course the Pata Negra or black hooved pig. This area as are most of the areas that we walk through is mostly farming. There are fields of grain as far as the eye can see.

The town of Fuente de Cantos is interesting. We are in a private albergue which is like a palace. You walk in the front door and into a large marble entryway. My room is just off the entry way and opens on to one of three gardens. The first has tables for sitting and a fountain. The second has a swimming pool and the third is a courtyard for a future restaurant. Upstairs there is a terrace, area with washing machines a kitchen, living room and some private sleeping rooms that pilgrims can rent. All and all very nice. The funny part is that there is no restaurant in the town center. NOT one. You have to walk back out to the main road, which as a pilgrim just made us cranky. But we had a good meal and it was very inexpensive. The works for 8 euros.

Tomorrow the forcast calls for rain. I am hoping that they are wrong but we will see. I am prepared so bring it on if necessary.

Cheers for now

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Location:Calle de la Llerena,Fuente de Cantos,Spain

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