Day 5 of travel and day 3 on the Camino Bodenaya to Samblismo. 30.7 km  21 miles 

Today I started out in Bodenaya which is a little village in the mountains of Asturias.  I stayed at an albergue donativo (which means that there is not price for the stay it is what you choose to give).  It was a great experience.  Only 11 beds and only 8 full.  The Hospitalero made us a delicious dinner of pasta salad and hearty lentil stew.  She provided all of the beer, wine or anything else we might like to drink.  She also washed and dryer any clothes that we asked her to.  This morning she made us a traditional spanish breakfast of coffee, fruit and different breads.  All in all it was a really great experience. 

The walk today was not as difficult as yesterday but my body was very tired from the climb in the end yesterday it took me about 3 hours just to feel my groove.  The route today was about half climbing and a gentil but consistent rate and then the other down about the same.  The views were spectacular as I was walking along the ridge of the mountains with the verdant green valleys below.  Lots of cows and goats.  Austurias is know for it’s milk production.  

Tomorrow god willing it is up and over the top. 

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