Day 6 Camino day 4 Samblismo to Berdecedo 23.4 km. 

Although today was supposed to be a short day in distance it was a grueling day.  It started out by climbing to the top of the mountains.  A long and very steep climb.  Last night in the albergue they warned us to be very careful and to stick together as people get lost up on the mountain and the markings are not super great.  

We were lucky the weather was great on the way up you could see for ever.  The wind was blowing hard as we neared the top which made it a bit cold but other than that is was fine.  

The way down was treacherous the rocks on the path are good sized and there are many of them. It is like walking on a rocky riverbed.  This makes the walk down very difficult.  I normally walk 5 km per hour but today being careful not to break a leg or an arm.  I only fell once and fortunately it was on my ass and not forward.  The crazy steep rocky downhill makes for a very long afternoon.  To add into that it started raining about half way down and the wind was blowing the rain directly into my face.  Note to self ponchos suck and are totally useless. 

I finally made it to my albergue in Bercedos which is great.  A hot shower and the ability to wash and most importantly dry my clothes is awesome.  I am feeling great.  Tomorrow is a short day only 20 km but a huge downhill so we will see.

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