Day 6 Camino Portuguese

Today was a nice short day. I started out early in the morning at around 7 with a quick breakfast. Who does not love Tostada con Tomate with some good salt and a cafe con leche to start the day.

The walk was up and down but Short. Only about 12 miles or so which out here is a short day. I arrived in Ponferrada at around noon and had a chance to spend some time exploring the city. It is beautiful.

Lunch was fish. It was good but honestly i needed a burger after lunch. I did not have one but I certainly considered it.

Tonight I am staying in a really cool albergue. The rooms are small with 1 bunk beds in each but it includes free washing and drying and most importantly a great shower in a bathroom that is luxurious by Camino standards. I was able to lock the door and enjoy..

The room also has air conditioning so it will be a cool nights sleep tonight.

Tomorrow I begin the Spiritual variant.

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