Day 6 on the Camino Primitivo Grandes de Salime to A Fonsgrada May 25, 2022 26 km

Today we started in Asturias and some time mid day walked into Galicia.  I guess it would be like walking from California into another state.  Things feel different in Galicia, the camino is treated differently, the paths are better maintained and even the way markers are different.  In Asturias the shell is the way marker but the bottoms of the shell points the direction you are to go.  In Galicia the front of the shell with it’s many facets point the way.

The walk today was difficult as there are many mountains to climb, but the hardest part was the half of a mile trek straight up at the very end to reach A Fonsgrada.  A Fonsgrada is the highest town in Galicia.  We spent a great deal of time above the clouds and at one time were even at the base of the windmills on the ridge at the top of the mountain.  This is a camino for mountain climbers.  

Pulpo is the local specialty of this region. Pulpo is octopus that is boiled and served covered with olive oil and papricka.  It is not my cup of tea but many love it.  That being said it is always fun to have a meal with camino friends just to get to know them better.

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