Day 6 Vilalba to Miraz

May 30, 2017

About halfway through today’s walk we reached the 100k left to Santiago marker.  In our case 99.99k.  Needless to say there were some very happy pilgrims.


Today was a very very long day! We walked 36k or almost 22 miles.  We were very lucky in that the weather was really great.  This morning is was sunny but crisp and this afternoon it was warm but a bit overcast so the sun was not too hot.
Our walk was basically a very gentle climb into the mountains.  Walking in Galicia is like walking in and around Ferndale or any farming community.  We walk past diaries that were milking their cows.  We see sheep and goats in the fields.   Walk near and through fields that are freshly plowed and ready for crops to be planted and some with new crops coming up out of the ground. It is really beautiful.
Today I walked with Germans, Austrians, Italians and Spaniards.  One kid I walked with is 17 years old. His name is Fabian and he is from Germany near Munich.  He lived in Tenerife for three years and speaks very good Spanish.  Speaks English and also German.  I watched him carry on a conversation with three people moving flawlessly between English, Spanish and German.  I loved it.
Today we are staying in a new albergue called OÁbrigo.  It is beautiful. I am writing this blog sitting on a lawn chair out in the garden.  While having lunch we watched the sheppards  move their sheep and goats to the milking barns.  All of a sudden you here bells and then sheep appear.
My feet are a little sore but I am very happy with the decision to ware my running shoes.  They have worked just great.
Tomorrow we will walk to Sobranes de los Monxes.  We will sleep in a monastery. Should be very interesting.  3 days to Santiago.  It is getting real.
Our albergue last night.  A new building in the middle of farm country.  It was a great place to stay.  The people as always were very friendly and we had a great time.
Rush hour in Miraz

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