Day 7 of travel and day 5 on the Camino Primitivo. 

Berdecedo to Grandes de Salime. 20 km 12 miles.  May 24, 2022

Well, today was supposed to be an easy day.  Only 20 km which I should walk in about 4 hours.  In reality it was 5 and a half hours.  

Last night I stayed in Albergue Camino Primitivo in Berdecedo.  I could not be happier. The hospitaleros, Natalia and Alberto were very nice and friendly. The albergue as new and clean, and had washing machines and dryers.  They served a menú del día that was delicious and at only 14 euros it is a great deal as far as I was concerned.  You’ll be shocked but I made friends with the hospitaleros and had a great time.  I helped the pilgrims decifer the menu and made it easier on them in the dining room.  It was really fun.  

Today the walk was basically up in the morning and then brutally down for about 3 hours in a steep decent to the dam of the embalse Grandas de Salime. Embalse is a man made lake.  From there it was an up hill climb for 7 km.  I must be getting used to the climbing because both in the morning and the afternoon I was able to just power forward slowly but consistently.  I spanish guy callled me a mule.  Which was a compliment as he was saying that I just powered up and down the hills. 

The balls of my feet are sore today from the downhills, many will tell you that the down hills are easier but it is common knowledge that going down hill is actually harder on your body then uphill.  

The good news is that I am in Grandes de Salime and have had a fun day and a good lunch in a restaurant full of people that I knew or got to know and a 3 course meal was only 10 euros. 

Tomorrow I walk 26 km 

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