Day 7 Zafra to Madrid

Yesterday I decided that it was time for me to go home. I did not accomplish my goal of walking to Salamanca but it is time.

Today I caught a train from Zafra to Madrid and tomorrow I will fly home. This is all my decision and I take full ownership of it.

I have really enjoyed my time here and all of the people that I have met.

Nos vemos Spain.

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  1. Reading about your journey this week inspired me to get off my duff and start walking. I hope your feet heel. Mel

  2. You know Andy … sometimes the Camino teaches us a lesson we don’t want to learn. I too had to leave my Caminos – both times… earlier than I expected. The first time – it KILLED me.. I felt like a loser. The second time I realized that things were going exactly the way they were supposed to. BTW – the first time it was my boots – but I didn’t figure that out till my second Camino when my feet got bad – fast! They always say that the Camino is not a third world country and you can get anything you need. Well – I don’t say that anymore. I had to walk 3 days with my feet torn up – till I got to a town that had a store that was open that carried sneakers. I bought men’s sneakers – 1.5 size bigger. I say this only in support of your decision. You are still… in our eyes… a Rock Star! Ultreia

  3. You did well! I managed to get to Mérida as my feet held out. Your bisters sounded horrendous. Wasn’t it wonderful.? There really is an opportunity to get immersed in the language although I was lazy when I was tired and most of my Camino amigos could speak English or wanted to practice. I intend to get back in sept and get as far as Salamanca. I got very homesick for my grandchildren and my daughter missed me for help so it was nice to get home. Your blog was wonderful to read as i was home then and it brought back memories. You were right about the municipal Hostal. My amigo buddies who stayed there were very disappointed. One toilet for 20 people! And they didn’t like the hospitaliser either. I stayed in the converted convent and treated myself to a room (cell) of my own. The snoring can get to you can’t it. Anyway home now and adjusting back to normal like. In case you are back before me watch out for the municiple hostel in Mérida . NOT up to standard. I ended up sharing with another lady in a very basic hotel in town. Hostel salud 30 euros each for 2 nights. Ensuite and clean. Hostel Moreno recommended it . Hope the blisters heal. Sorry I wasn’t able to give my update along the way. My email account was disabled (very annoying) and I had no access to my contacts.
    Best wishes

  4. Buen Camino, my friend. Sorry to hear that your Camino was cut short. As you well know, I am well aware that the Camino can change quickly for oneself. I hope all is well with you and yours. If in any way I can help, feel free to let me know. Ultreya!!

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