Day 8 Sobranes dos Monxes to Soltera

June 1, 2017

Today we walked 36k taking an alternative route from the Camino Norte to The Camino Frances. The Norte normally joins the French at Arzúa which is 2 stages from Santiago. The alternative route only takes one stage on the French. Tomorrow we will walk into Santiago.
We decided that walking only 19k a day for three days was just not enough. Funny I know but we walk about 5k per hour so if you only walk 19k it takes less than 4 hours which puts us at the albergue at 11:30 ish in the morning.  That is a lot of time to do nothing.  The walk was very interesting.  We walked 10k along the normal route into a little town that was having a market day.  It is always fun to see all of the venders and what they have to offer. From fresh churros to pulpo (Octopus) to fresh vegetables to close and anything else you might imagine.  This is the mall once a week.  At the end of town was were we had the option to take the alternative route.  Off we went on a road that led us though trees that were commercially planted for for paper, or for wood to make furniture.  This road meandered through the hills with ups and downs but no real towns.  After a good while we came upon a church with a fountain across the road.  We were all hunger and tired so of came the pack and we all dug for any food we might have to share.  It was really cool.  We had bread, cheese, meat, nuts, apples, bananas, anguilas which are Baby eels and a delicacy in Spain.  We put everything in the middle of the table and had a feast.  The anguilas were actually good.  I had to taste them just because.  We ate everything and even had chocolate for desert.  It was great.  At this point there are 9 of us walking together.  Iñaki, Kota, Manolo and Iratxe from Pais Vasco near Bilbao, Gildo from Italy, Fabian from Germany, Francesa from France, and me.  All of us communicating in mostly Spanish with some Italian and French thrown in for good measure. The
We are staying at El Albergue De Boni. An albergue along the French route about 27k from Santiago de Compostela.  The owner Boni is a very friendly man.  We are staying in a new building with 14 beds.  Not bad.  The albergue is relatively new.  The showers were awesome with even a whole message setup.
For lunch today we had a traditional Churrasco lunch. Beef and Pork ribs and steaks that they bbq and then bring to the table on a grill that is very hot.  Served with of course patatas fritas and wine it was awesome.  10 euros.
Tomorrow Santiago.

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