Day 9 on the Camino Primitivo Lugo to A Siexta 33 km.  May 28, 2022

Today was a difficult day. Not because it was hard but because we walked 33 km on mostly asphalt roads.  The road walking really is hard on your body.  

Our morning started out in Lugo as we walked out of town we crossed a Roman bridge and then followed the Roman road for a bit.  Today was about up’s and downs but not mountain ups and downs just regular what goes up must go down.  So we would walk along and then spend a half an hour our an hour going steadily up hill only to then spend the next half an hour going down. This pattern repeated itself many times today.  

We are walking through very small villages.  Today we walked through many that had zero services and a few that might of had a bar but no grocery store at all.  The town that we are staying in literally has two albergues and a bar.  Not much else.  Remember a bar in Spain is a restaurant with food and alcohol but it is normal to go into a bar for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just to have a beer.  

Tomorrow I walk into Melide.  I am sad to say goodby to my waking friends Fernando Silva from Porto, Portugal and Huyun Soon from South Korea.  We have been walking together for the past week or more and have become friends.  They will walk to Arzua tomorrow and Santiago on Monday.  I will be in Santiago on Tuesday.  We hope to have lunch together on Tuesday.  Tomorrow I am having lunch with Kelli Field and her Husband Jeff.  Kelli writes a blog that I have been reading for the past 3 or 4 years about moving to Spain.  They originally moved to Valencia and then thought that they would move to Portugal but that fell though and now are happy relocated to Galicia in a little village just outside of Melide.  We are meeting for lunch so that is a big treat for me.  

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