Day Four on the Camino Portuguese

Today was a really interesting day. What I thought would be a long be not so bad day turned into a great day but really hard.

The day started out as a really nice walk along a river into a town called Ponte de Lima. When I arrived I realized that they were having there annual festival. In Spain and Portugal the towns take their festivals very seriously. My friends tell me that town was alive and partying until 4 am. When I walked through at 11 am it was alive and super crowded with people from all over. There were booths of people selling everything you could imagine.

As I walked along after Ponte de Lima there was a group of tourists walking the Camino. It was fun to talk with them. They were walking along experiencing their version of the Camino and loving life.

The end of today was a brutal 2 hr long climb straight up the freaking hill. It worked me over but I am very happy to say that I made it and here I am. Tomorrow is a very short day. Only 12 miles, and this is a big one, I will be back in Spain at the end of the day.

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