Day one travel to Spain

Today I begin my third Camino. The first two were on the Camino Frances. This Camino will be a totally new adventure. I am headed for Seville to begin the Via de La Plata or Silver Route. It is the longest of the Camino’s at about 1000 kilometers or about 620 miles.

I will not be able to walk the entire route this time. I will walk from Seville to Salamanca which in my mind is about half way or maybe just a bit more.

The VLDP is a much less traveled route. A little less than 10,000 people walk it each year, as compared to over 180,000 people who walk the French route each year.

There has been much talk of being able to carry on your pack and trekking poles on the airplane. This is my third camino and I have been able to carry everything on each time. This time I attached my trekking poles to my pack with the tips in the side pockets and the handles under the top flap. No problems and no questions. My pack is not so small either. It is an Ospray Exos 56ltr. It weighs 21.4lbs and is as big as a 22″ suitcase.

I will stay in Seville for a few days to be able to see what is supposed to be one of the, if not the most beautiful cities in Spain. I plan to begin walking on Friday, April 10th.

More tomorrow…

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  1. Ah …. to be on the Camino again. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Thanks for taking us with you! 🙂

  2. Safe flight…….know you will love Seville….particularly Palacio Real….and gardens. …..just as impressive as the Alhambra in some ways.Love you

  3. Yahoo…you really are on your way! This is so exciting! This time, however, I’ll be on the other end…receiving your reports on the blog. I can feel the excitement of being in the airport heading to Spain to begin the new adventure not knowing what’s ahead. Buen Camino

  4. You are in my thoughbt every day; please let me join you on the walk through your blog commentary!
    Go get ’em!

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